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Stylist, elegant & classy, That’s the new range of High Quality Melamine Dinnerware Products from Tapan.

Tapan Melamine is a name to reckon with in the manufacturing of high quality Decorative Melamine Dinnerware Products. Tapan Melamine Dinnerware proves to be durable as they are elegant. By virtue of a special process, the high gloss Finish in each & every Tapan article stay on permanently.

Tapan Tableware products are made from 100% Melamine which makes them elegant & Usable, Purity of the Raw Material makes Tapan Products Break resistant, Stain proof & Bright Tapan Melamine Products are also Head Resistant upto 140 Celsius.

Familiar, fresh & fun or Classic Designer Chic. All our products are designed to satisfy all your needs, Individual Design give freedom of Choice. Stunning Designs that caters everyone, indeed all Generations, Making Tapan a house hold name in india for Melamine Diinerware Crockery.

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